Uses for Grolsch Bottles

Reusing beer bottles is an environmentally friendly way to create your own crafts, and the Grolsch beer bottle's unique swingtop design makes a creative statement. The swingtop bottle cap was introduced by Grolsch in 1897 and has been used by the bottler ever since.

Because this design makes Grolsch a more expensive beer, it is especially frugal to find a way to repurpose the bottles for decorative or useful functions around your house.

Bottling Your Own Juice or Beer

The swingtop design of a Grolsch bottle allows it to easily be resealed. This makes the bottles a good choice for those who brew their own beer or squeeze their own juices. A reused Grolsch bottle gives your own beer or juice an elegant and different look and allows the juice or beer to easily be taken along on a picnic or outing. Be sure to thoroughly sanitise the bottles before reusing for beverages.

Sand Art

The dark green hue of the bottle means that traditional bottle sand art, using different colours of sand, is less effective. Instead, to create sand in a bottle artwork, use plain sand and intersperse with rocks and other found objects with interesting shapes. Layer rocks and sand in the bottle and close the swingtop shut. This is a good craft idea for children.


An empty Grolsch bottle makes an unexpected vase, whether placed on a side table or used as a centrepiece on a dining table. To coordinate with the stalks of barley on the bottlecap, place wheat stalks in the neck and leave the swingtop open.


For an easy and elegant centrepiece, use an assortment of Grolsch bottles to make a candlestick display. Fill the bottles partly with sand and then insert a candle in each. As the candles burn down, they can easily be snuffed by replacing the swingtop. These candles look lovely in a group on a table or on a mantelpiece.