P90x Recovery Drink Alternatives

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Tony Horton, the creator of the P9O series, created the P90X Results and Recovery Formula to help get individuals recharged and recovered after their gruelling workout sessions. His P90 and P90X workouts are intense for building optimum athletic performance, strong muscles and total body training.

Because of the advanced workout techniques involved, it's important to maintain a healthy way for your body and muscles to bounce back. You do this by drinking the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, or you can use an alternative.

Endurox R4 Advanced Recovery Drink

Endurox R4 is a fitness drink composed of four parts carbohydrates and one part protein. This mix is to provide you with faster recovery post-workout. It also can decrease muscle damage up to 35 per cent. The P90X Recovery drink comes in only one flavour--orange. With Endurox R4 you can choose between five flavours--lemon lime, orange, fruit punch, vanilla and chocolate.

Garbage Performance Beverage

Drinking Garbage Performance Beverage will give you the strength and endurance that you need during an intensive workout. Garbage is designed as a all-day "peak performance fuel." The ingredients in this formula will also last you after your workout to help bounce back quicker and stronger. The drink comes in two flavours--lemon lime and fruit punch. Important ingredients include: L-Tyrosine for physical and mental fatigue, glucuronolactone for energy and memory, zinc for increasing protein, glutamine alpha for muscles and recovery, ketoglutarate for recovery and vitamin C for health.

Whey Proteins

A more affordable option is whey protein mixed with a 100 per cent fruit juice. The more intense the workout, the more protein you need in your diet. It will also aid in building muscle. Whey protein is a natural protein that comes with multiple health benefits. It's known as a fast protein that will quickly work to rebuild muscles and decrease your recovery time. If you drink a whey protein mix 30 minutes post-workout, known as the "muscle recovery window," your body will recover much faster.

Whey protein is the highest form of protein BCAAS or branched chain amino acids. There are whey protein products filled with fat and lactose; stick with a whey protein blend or whey protein isolate for healthier results.