Spring Display Case Ideas for Classrooms

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Many classrooms offer display cases for teachers to display student work or classroom themes. Based on the seasons or units of study, the items placed in the display case are often changed. Teachers are able to take advantage of springtime sayings and events to create memorable spring themed display cases.

Animal Families

Springtime often comes with many new baby animals. Have children create and label animal families for the display case to illustrate how baby animals grow over time and often have different names than adult animals. Classrooms with narrow, notice board like display cases may choose to have students draw their animals. Deeper display cases benefit from student-created, three-dimensional models made from clay or other craft materials. In addition to creating the animal families, older students can research and write a report on their specific animal family to accompany their artwork.

Celebrate Accomplishments

Teachers often use display cases to celebrate special student accomplishments. Scholastic Printables suggests creating a kite for the display case and allowing students to add a bow with their name to the kite's tail every time they master a classroom requirement, such as a math skill or reading level. Teachers in classrooms with larger display cases may wish to have each child create her own kite and have her write each accomplishment on her personal kite tail.

Reading Garden

Keep students engaged in reading during the spring months by creating a reading garden in the classroom display case. Create a garden from construction paper and allow students to add a construction paper flower with their name and book title every time they read a book during the spring. For deep display cases, use flower pots and allow each child to create his own garden of paper flowers.

Spring Sayings

Spring is full of sayings such as, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb" and "April showers bring May flowers." Use the classroom display case as a place for students to illustrate spring sayings. Older children can also research the sayings and determine their histories, origins and accuracy. Younger children can form student groups and work together to create artwork for a range of sayings. Or have children create individual artworks for a single saying. A lion and lamb mask is ideal for the March phrase.

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