Ideas on paint color for a deck

John Burke/Creatas/Getty Images

Decks provide an outdoor area to relax, entertain and dine. For a flexible design choose a neutral colour which can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and needs. You can easily add interest and colour with accessories such as furniture, fabric and plantings.

Before beginning a paint project, inspect your deck to ensure it is structurally sound, and replace any rotting or warped deck boards. Wash the deck with a power washing or strong garden hose and brush, and allow the deck to thoroughly dry before applying paint.


For a classic clean look opt for a bright white deck. White provides a simple backdrop for deck furniture and decoration, including container plantings, and need not be limited to classical and colonial homes. Seaside cottages, craftsman bungalows or ranch style homes will also look fresh and vibrant with a bright white deck. You will need to maintain your deck paint to keep the finish clean and consistent, including both a yearly cleaning and paint touch-up. Brighten the space with outdoor upholstered fabric in interesting patterns and bold colour palates. White proves a versatile choice for many homes as the exterior paint colour can be changed without requiring a new deck colour.


Brown decks, whether a treated natural wood or a rich deep paint, create a natural and organic aesthetic. Look at not only the style of the home but also your location when deciding on deck paint. A brown deck would complement the colour and mood of a heavily wooded lot, for example, but may look drab on a block of vibrantly painted Victorians. Outdoor brown deck paint ranges in hue from deep chocolate browns to softer more neutral tans and beiges. Take care to complement the existing colour of your home and provide punches of colour with house numbers, lighting fixtures and accessories.


Green proves a successful deck colour in many neighbourhoods as it is a natural hue which will coordinate with the surrounding greenery and garden. Look for inspiration in your own landscape; you can even bring in samples of leaves or pine needles and ask the clerk at your local home and garden store to match the paint colour to your sample. Greens range from deep forest greens to soft sages. Create a soothing monochromatic look by adding lots of greenery and container plantings to your deck. Ferns and coleus will add subtle variations in colour for a sophisticated look. For a more eclectic look with pops of colour incorporate some flowering plants, such as mums, cone flowers and morning glories.