What colors match with teal

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Teal is a blue-green colour similar to turquoise but with a heavier emphasis on blue. Teal is an underutilised shade in interior decor, primarily because it's such a bright, bold colour that it frightens off those who want to use it.

In the appropriate setting -- such as a bathroom, a teenager's bedroom, a kitchen, or a play room -- teal will impress your visitors and guests.

Hardwoods and Soft Neutrals

For a teenager's room, where you'll want a more sophisticated decorating scheme as time goes on, teal mixed with hardwood furniture and soft neutrals (colours with names like "smoky almond," "canvas" and "khaki") makes a striking palette. This colour combination scheme is appropriate even for an adult bedroom. Combine light, neutral-coloured Berber carpet, a light neutral comforter, teal walls and hardwood furniture. To add a touch of youth to a teenager's room, string up hardwood beads in the doorway, drape a light-blue lace swatch over the lamp and run white Christmas lights over the walls.


Especially in a bathroom, the use of teal with sea-green and turquoise green invokes thoughts of water and the ocean. Mix shades of teal and green with lots of white and light foam-green to keep the palette lighthearted and easy on the eyes. In the case of a bathroom, paint half the walls teal, and use white ceramic tiles to cover the rest. Look for a shower curtain that utilises the teal and sea-green combo, which isn't hard to find, and stay on the lookout for little teal and green accessories like soap holders, ceramic bathroom knick-knacks and hand towels.

Red or Red-Orange

For a zesty palette in a kitchen, teal mixed with accents of red or red-orange (the complement of teal) will certainly stand out. In the kitchen, make a loud statement with teal cabinets or teal walls, coupled with a red toaster oven, red towels or red curtains. Mix the teal and red-or-orange combo with natural hardwood floors and matching hardwood stools. Cover your kitchen table with a teal tablecloth, and add cute little red cloth napkins.