Star wars birthday party ideas for a 5 year old

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Plan a Star Wars birthday party for a boy turning five years old. Pack the party with activities designed to satisfy a young Star Wars fan's desire to connect with the action in his favourite movie while enjoying his big day with friends. Invite guests to dress in Star Wars costumes. Take pictures of each partygoer with the guest of honour to send in thank you notes after the celebration.

Party Decoration Ideas

Covert your party room into a galaxy far, far away. Cover the windows with dark sheets or blankets. Hang white Christmas lights, to simulate stars, over the windows and around the perimeter of the room. Suspend "asteroids" made from crumpled balls of foil from the ceilings with fishing line. If you have toy spaceships, hang these from the ceiling as well.

Drape blue, red and black streamers from corner to corner and place helium filled balloons depicting Star Wars characters around the room. Write, "May the force be with you" with a silver marker on black poster board to hang behind your party table.

Place more spaceship toys or a plush Star Wars character in the centre of the table. Cover the lamp end of plastic flashlights with jewel-coloured cling film and secure the wrap with a rubber band. Set the lit flashlights on the table pointed toward the centrepiece.

Party Craft Idea

Direct party guests to a craft table when they arrive. Place pictures of Star Wars spaceships and vehicles on the table. Buy 4-inch or larger geometric foam shapes for the kids to use as a base to design a spaceship. Provide smaller stick-on geometric foam shapes for the children apply to the base. Let each guest create an original space vehicle or make a ship from the foam pieces to match one of the pictures.

Borrow or buy Star Wars action figures or Lego's and place them on the floor so when the kids are finished making the craft, they can play until the next group activity.

Party Activity Ideas

Take the party outside for a Silly String battle. Find Silly String where toys are sold. Divide the guests into two groups. Designate one group the "light side" of the force and the other group the "dark side." Let the kids spray the string at one another until the cans are empty.

Back inside, invite guests to whack a Death Star pinata with a plastic light-sabre and catch the candy when the pinata breaks. Buy light-sabres for each guest before the party where toys are sold. Buy the pinata, or make your own. The Star Wars Kids website has directions to craft a homemade Death Star pinata.

Borrow a Star Wars soundtrack CD from your library and crank it up while partygoers play a game. Clear the floor in your darkened party room and give each child a lighted plastic toy light sabre. Blow up glow-in-the-dark balloons, available at party supply stores. Let the kids bop the balloons back and forth with a partner. The team that keeps their balloon from hitting the ground is the winner.

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