Warm living room paint colors

full paint brush image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com

By selecting a warm colour for your living room space, you can craft a cosy environment that is comfortable and conducive to rest. An assortment of warm hues are available for selection when planning your living room.

Select one of these cosy colours to ensure that your space is ideal for family and solitary relaxation.

Vivid Red

Red is a bold colour that can heat up any living room. By electing to paint your living room a red hue, you can allow your paint to make a statement and liven up your room. Don't paint your entire room in a bold red hue as doing so can make the space look cramped. Instead select one dominant wall, and create a red accent wall to serve as an eye-catching feature in your space.

Buttery Yellow

Buttery yellow adds warmth to a room without overpowering the space. Select a warm and creamy yellow to cover the walls of a country style living room as this colour matches well with the quaint accents that commonly fill rooms of this type. Select furniture and accessories that echo, but do not mimic, this colour to ensure that your room doesn't end up looking like the inside of a butter churn.

Rusty Burnt Orange

Burnt orange can give your room a noticeable kick of colour. This hue pairs well with Latin-themed accessories as it is often found in prints produced by artisans in this culture. Pair your burnt orange walls with bold, geometric-printed furniture and accessories to create a Latin feel in your living room.

Creamy Apricot

Creamy Apricot fits well into rooms with a floral motif as it echoes the hues commonly found in naturally produced beauties. If using this colour in your floral room, select some flowers or prints of flowers with apricot tones, and match your walls to these blossoms. Because creamy apricot is a nondominant colour, you can safely paint all walls in your living room with this warm hue.

Warm Beige

Warm beige allows you to add warmth to your living room without sacrificing neutrality. Select a noticeable, yet not overly dominant, beige with a peachy tint as opposed to a cooler brown-tinted beige option. Pair this paint colour with contemporary furniture and accents to produce a space that is minimalist and contemporary without appearing cold.