Game Ideas for a Superhero Party

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Look up in the sky, its a bird, it's a plane, it's the guests for your superhero themed party. To keep these young crime fighters entertained, use party games with a superhero twist to test both brains and brawn.

Keep in the spirit of the party by awarding the best superhero teams with prizes such as comic books and action figures.

City in Peril

Set up an obstacle course in your back yard that features several different stations such as a rope climb and jumping through hoops. At each station, set up blocks or cardboard boxes to replicate the buildings of a city. Instruct your superhero party guests that they must make it through the city obstacle course to capture the villain without knocking over the building with their super strength. Add five seconds to their time for each building they knock over, with the best time winning.

Superhero Trivia

Write down questions about your child's favourite superheroes. Choose questions that cover movies, cartoons, video games and comic books that the superhero is found in. Gather all of the party guests and split them into two or three teams. Read off a question and the first team to "buzz in" and answer the questions receives a point. Ask progressively more difficult questions as the game goes on and award the winning team a prize.

Kryptonite Balloon Toss

If your party is on a summer day, incorporate games that will cool off the kids. In the kryptonite balloon toss, fill several green balloons with water. Tell the kids that like Superman, they have a weakness to kryptonite. Pair up the kids and have them toss the kryptonite filled balloon back and forth. Every time they catch the balloon, instruct them to take one leap backwards. If the balloon breaks, they are out of the game.

Villain Hunter

Split the kids into two teams, one team of heroes and one of villains. Instruct the heroes to close their eyes and count to 50 while the villains hide in the yard. Equip each of your heroes with a can of silly string that represents their powers. The heroes must track down the villains and hit them with silly string to eliminate them from the game. Set up a villain hideout that acts as a safe zone for villains to race to and avoid being hit by silly string. Play the game until all the villains have been hit with string or found their way back to the hideout.

Superhero Mix Up

Fill two large bins with different objects that pertain to a superhero or villain. For example, use a red cape for Superman, plastic spiders for Spider-Man, red-tinted sunglasses for Cyclops, playing cards for the Joker and a yellow rope for Wonder Woman. Label several smaller buckets with the names of different heroes and villains. Split the guests into two teams and have them race to take the objects from their bin and place them in the correct buckets. The first team to correctly fill the buckets wins.