Novelty Cow Gifts

cow image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Cow novelty items have cow spots, look like cows or otherwise remind people of cows. They are considered novelty items because they do not appeal to everyone. However, cow gifts are common enough to give to anyone who likes decorating with cows or a country theme.

Cow Radio

Cow radios have a speaker in the cow's mouth, with the remainder of the radio painted in the standard black and white cow spots. They eyes are located near the speaker. This item is a popular gift for people who enjoy both music and cows, providing two gifts in one rather than just a cow knick-knack.

Cow Cookie Jar

The cow cookie jar is a classic cow novelty item. It is an appropriate gift for anyone who enjoys baking cookies, not just those with other cow decor. Cookie jars are commonly in the shape or appearance of farmyard animals, but a cow cookie jar is especially common. It reminds the recipient of the timeless milk and cookies snack.

Cow Key Chain

Most people appreciate a new key chain. A cow keychain adds whimsy and fun to the souvenier gift item. There are various key chains available, including a design where the cow's nose lights up and a typical printed key chain with a picture or drawing of a cow.

Cow Clock

A cow clock has a picture of a cow on the clock's face, or it might be shaped like a cow. Some clocks will make a "moo" sound instead of the typical bells or birds.

Cow Print Tools

There are tool sets available with cow-print handles rather than the plain black handles. Hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and utility knives come adorned with a cow-print handle or casing. The items are not only novelty cow gifts, but they are also practical gifts.