Lopsided Hairstyles

Lopsided hairstyles give you a dramatic look. By adding bold colour, you can make the hairstyle even more dramatic. Asymmetrical haircuts can also be either extreme or subtle. Determine how extreme of a style you are looking for and cut it accordingly. Bringing in a picture of the cut you like helps ensure that you get the style you want.

Short on One Side

Cutting your hair shorter on one side is a very dramatic way to have a lopsided hairstyle. These are typically short hairstyles, the most dramatic of which involves shaving one side of your head. The longer side is swept over towards the short side and hides part of it. The hair is cut very choppy and uneven, longer in some places than others.


Cutting side swept fringe is an easy, subtle way to have a lopsided hairstyle. Cut your hair to whatever length you'd like, then using your natural part, sweep your hair to the side and cut the fringe as short or long as you want. Take into consideration the shape of your face and your forehead.

Front-Swept Hair

In many emo hairstyles, hair is cut in various choppy lengths. These layers allow you to style it various ways every day, all of which look lopsided. Sweep your top layers of hair towards the front of your head on one side. This creates a thick side-swept bang appearance. Emo hairstyles often incorporate various triangle-shaped cuts into the layers.


Having a lopsided haircut is made more uneven by dyeing your hair different colours. For example, put large blond highlights randomly throughout your hair, and then add some bold reds as well. The bolder and more asymmetric the highlights, the more lopsided your hairstyle will look.


If you have symmetric hair and want to style it asymmetrically for the day, you can alter standard hairdos to achieve this. For example, instead of putting your ponytail on the back of your head, put it to the side. Or you can French braid your hair from one side of your head to the other.

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