Special Gifts for Doctors

skin doctors tools of trade image by Keith Frith from Fotolia.com

Thinking of a unique and thoughtful gift for a doctor is not always an easy process. Depending on the doctor's personality, you can get her a medical gag gift if she has a strong sense of humour or a more useful gift that she can use over time.

Engraved Glass Medical Plaque

Engrave a glass plaque with a personal message and a medical insignia like the traditional caduceus symbol that is the widely recognised in the Western medical field. This plaque can be put on a doctor's desk and inspire him through long work shifts. Make sure to think about a heartfelt personal message to put on the plague that will remind the recipient how much you care about him and support his career.

Doctor-Themed Wine Holder

For the doctor who is a wine enthusiast give her a doctor wine bottle holder to hold her finest pinot noir. The bottle holder comes either in a male or female image and is holding a doctor's bag and a stethoscope. The wine holders can also hold other bottles of liquor as well. The bottle holders are also eco-friendly because they are made out of recycled copper and/or steel.

Medical Tie

Give a medically themed tie to brighten up the outfit of your favourite male doctor. This gift will allow him to spice up his outfit, whether he is on call or dressing up for a special event. Choose from a variety of different designs, including one that displays a large stethoscope or one decorated with a variety of different doctor's tools, such as needles, stethoscopes and pills.

Personalised Par-Scription Golf Ball Set

Surprise a doctor who is a golfer by giving her some special golf balls that come in a personalised pill bottle. The prescription label has room for the name of a doctor (up to 20 characters in length) and the directions read: "Use daily to relieve stress; repeat as needed." This gift is perfect for the doctor who needs a good excuse to go out and play some golf, and this set of golf balls is a perfect reason.

X-Ray Laptop Skin

This humorous gift is perfect for protecting the top of a doctor's personal laptop from scratches and is waterproof as well. This laptop skin is a pretty realistic replica of an x-ray and is ideal for a doctor who wants an easy way to distinguish his laptop from others in his office.

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