Ideas for an Adult Hannah Montana Costume

young woman and magnificent hair back image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from

Hannah Montana, the star of the Disney Channel show, is living every little girl's dream. Sometimes she is an ordinary teenager, hanging out with friends, going to school, sparing with a sibling and sometimes she is a pop idol, singing before adoring crowds of fans in fabulous clothes.

We don't have to let the kids have all the fun. No matter how old you are you can make yourself a fun adult Hannah Montana costume.

Basic Hannah

Start with Hannah's signature glittery, cropped jacket over a long, light-coloured T-shirt. Add a sparky, low slung belt, a pair of tight, straight leg jeans and flashy cowboy boots. Your blond wig should be long with straight fringe. Good colours for the jacket are red, purple and pink. Jeans can be white or blue. You can get a Hannah Montana microphone from any toy store or use a headset mic from your computer. Jewellery should be bold. Things like colourful bangle bracelets and tied up beaded necklace work great. Wear make up with bright pinks and purples.


The brunettes out there might want to go as Miley, Hannah's more grounded half. You can also go with a partner, one of you as Hannah and the other as Miley. For the Miley costume you can wear plain jeans, shorts or cut offs, boots or flip-flops, a plain tee or western shirt. Wear hair long with no fringe and a straw cowboy hat. Keep make up simple.

Half and Half

Go as both Miley and Hannah. Take a glittery cropped jacket and a denim jacket. Cut them in half. Sew the right side of the glittery jacket to the left side of the denim jacket. Wear over a purple T-shirt with a half plain/half flashy belt. Cut the left leg from a pair of jeans off at about the knee and roll them up. Wear one white boot and one flip flop. Spray the left side of a blond wig with brown-coloured hairspray. Half your face should be made up with bold colours and the other half more plain.

Over the Hill Hannah

If you want to know what Hannah Montana will look like 50 years from now, go as "over the hill" Hannah. Get an over size bra and fill with a couple of large water balloons. Stuff the back side of a pair of jeans with padding and wear with Hannah's T-shirt and glittery jacket. Spray your blond wig with streaks of grey. Add a few wrinkles to the face with liquid latex from a costume shop.