Jobs for 10-year-olds

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Children gain valuable experience when they work and earn money. Saving and spending their own earned money gives kids a sense of accomplishment as well as appreciation for money and time. A 10-year-old can do several jobs for family, friends and neighbours to make a little pocket money.

Pet sitting

Friends, family and neighbours are happy to hire a child to care for their pets while away from home. Having the child come over a few times a day to feed, water, exercise and check on pets is less stressful on most pets than going to an unfamiliar kennel or boarding facility.

Parent helper

Parents are sometimes willing to pay their 10-year-old to do extra chores for pay. In addition, another adult could hire the child to help with younger children or household chores.

Food stand

Selling food and drink at a table or stand at an event can be quite lucrative for a 10-year-old. Whether the child is operating a lemonade stand, cake stall or other food stand, this is a profitable way to learn about making change, buying stock and customer service. Food sales are ideal for family garage sales. Selling bulk sweets and snacks individually for profit is another take on this job.

Snow removal

Most parts of the UK don't get a lot of snow, but there are usually one or two days of snowy weather each winter. With a snow shovel in hand and a few centimetres of snow blanketing the street, a 10-year-old can charge neighbours to shovel snow from their paths and drives. Offering discounts to elderly customers can encourage repeat business.

Lawn service

Taking care of lawns is a fairly easy task for a 10-year-old. The child can make sure that the customer's lawn is watered; rake leaves in the autumn and apply fertilisers and weed sprays with adult supervision.

Selling crafts

Making and selling crafts is a creative way for a 10-year-old to make money. Beaded jewellery, sewn crafts and drawings are a few examples of crafts that can be sold to friends and family, at holiday or weekly craft fairs and online. Websites like eBay are user friendly sites where children can sell items under a parent's account.

Car washing

Washing cars is a great way to cool off and make money. The child can also valet the inside of the vehicles. Children who make the outside of the car shine and the inside spotless will gain repeat business.