Gift Ideas for a 66th Birthday

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Just past retirement age, the 66th birthday should be marked with gifts that celebrate a lifetime of hard work and promote relaxation and fun. Since most people this age have accumulated most, if not all, necessary household items, consider giving the birthday lady or gent an enriching experience, some professional advice, or a jump-start on a pet project.

Night Out

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Providing a fun-filled day or evening for the birthday lady or gentleman is a thoughtful way to mark the day. Tell him or her to choose a destination (perhaps a nearby city) and any number of friends (some might prefer to make this a family event, with grandma, mom, and granddaughter, for example) and you take care of the itinerary and costs. Purchase train or bus tickets, museum or theatre tickets, make dinner reservations, book a boat trip, or reserve a table at a popular comedy club. Send a camera along and tell the birthday lady or gentleman to take photos.

Gift Tokens

Many recent retirees find extra time on their hands and decide to start a project; maybe he wants to build a deck or she wants to redecorate the kitchen. Whatever the project, help realise it with a gift token to a home improvement store or furniture and decoration chain. If the birthday lady or gentleman isn't quite sure what to do, consider purchasing a consultation with a local interior decorator, contractor, or landscaper. Professionals can provide solid advice and creative ideas to help the project gain momentum.

Personal Services

The sixth decade is a time to relax a little more. Purchasing personal services for the birthday gentleman or lady can help him or her do just that. Personal services can range from simple (for example, having a neighbourhood teenager mow the lawn twice a month) to complex (a personal assistant to run errands, buy and deliver groceries, and provide transportation). The gift of personal services provides a chance to focus on enjoyable activities rather than the everyday, mundane tasks.

Season Tickets/Annual Membership

If the birthday lady or gent has a favourite sports team or loves to go to the local zoo or aquarium, a way to do that for free all year long would make an excellent gift idea. Season tickets to sporting events don't have to be pricey if you buy in advance and the recipient doesn't mind having less-than-perfect seats (check online--sometimes auction sites sell season tickets to popular sporting events at discounted prices). Annual zoo, aquarium, or theatre memberships tend to pay for themselves in just a few visits.

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