How to estimate the cost for grass cutting services

Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

Estimating the right price to charge customers for your grass cutting services can either make or break your business. Every lawn is different, so you need to calculate a price per square foot of grass that will cover your costs and enable you to achieve a profit. The price will depend on how fast you can cut grass, the total cost to operate your business and the prices charged by other grass cutting service providers in your area.

Calculate how many square feet of grass you can mow an hour. Find a lawn you can test your speed on such as yours or a willing neighbour. Measure the square footage of the lawn and how long it takes you to complete cutting the lawn. Divide the time it took to cut the grass by the number of square feet. The result is the number of square feet you can cut in an hour. Repeat this with as many lawns as possible to get a more precise average.

Add up all the costs associated with your lawn mowing business, for example, gas for the mower, transportation costs, miscellaneous tools and advertising.

Check the lawn cutting service prices in your area. Call other lawn cutting services to find out what they charge customers so you can make sure your prices are competitive.

Add up the costs associated with the business and how much you would need to cover those costs to make an adequate amount of profit. Using the information you acquired, determine an hourly rate to charge your customers.

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