LEGO Education 9333 Instructions

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The LEGO 9333 play set contains a number of vehicles and unique people figures designed to engage young learners in a conversation about people, cities and careers. This set is designed to get students exploring how each vehicle and its driver help keep the community on the move.

The set includes a bus, garbage truck, semi-truck, front loader and an ice cream truck. The set also comes with five "inspiration cards" complete with model, building and educational ideas.

Engage the students on a play table with the LEGO 9333 playset. Give the students time to construct each of the vehicles and match them with the appropriate driver.

Discuss with the students each vehicle and its purpose in the larger community. Use the discussion as a chance for the children to share what they know about these professions. Maybe some of their parents hold careers in the industries represented by the toys.

Invite the children to construct a small town with the accessory blocks. Have them build houses, homes for each of the drivers and a few commercial buildings like grocery stores and gas stations.

Give the children a scenario, using the story starter idea cards, and instruct them to complete the story. Allow students to work together, find cooperative ways to complete the story and solve the problems presented on the cards.