Scary Games to Play With Your Friends

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The intensity of a scary game can make time spent with friends all the more exciting. Whether you're hosting a slumber party or just having some friends over for some nighttime fun, a host of terrifying games can truly keep you up for hours on end.


On a dark and scary night, with only a full moon present in the sky, you can play a twist on the game "Sardines" with some friends. The game begins with one person chosen to become a Zombie. He finds a hiding spot in the area---preferably somewhere wooded---while the others count to 100. When the counting is finished, the other players try to find and tag the Zombie before he tags them. If a person gets tagged, he becomes a Zombie. If a Zombie gets tagged, she dies and falls to the ground. After either all but one person has been killed or everyone has turned into a Zombie, the game ends.

Bloody Mary

The legend of Bloody Mary cannot easily be traced, but the game of summoning her spirit into a mirror seems to have been played for ages, as suggested by the website Castle of Spirits. The basic premise of the game involves entering a bathroom, either alone or with a friend or two, and turning off all of the lights. At that point, you must chant the name "Bloody Mary" three times into the mirror, looking into it to see if a woman covered in blood appears. To make the game competitive and a little bit scarier, see which of you and your friends can stay in the bathroom the longest after the chant has been called.

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

When wandering in a forest alone at night, you may begin to see things that aren't there. Gather up some friends and take part in a scavenger hunt as you search for creepy things. Begin the game by giving your friends a list of things to look for during your hunt; you can include anything from a snake to a dead flower. The person who finds the most things first wins the game. To make the game even scarier, have some other friends waiting in the area to pop out and scare the players as they hunt for the objects on the list. Another idea involves visiting a cemetery during sunset and trying to find certain words, names or dates on the tombstones, checking these things off on a list as you continue your hunt.