Golf Caddy Schools

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The love of working outdoors might encourage some people to find golf-related careers, although they might be stumped about how to begin. Becoming a golf caddie is an option for people who don't mind working for golfers by carrying their things and giving them advice.

Going through a top golf caddie school may provide people with the education necessary to become an employed golf caddie, although some prefer to study at local country clubs.

Glenn Turner

People wanting to explore a golf school in a vacation setting find their match here. They should jet set to the island of Majorca and Northwest of England to study with world record holder Glenn Turner. He has played over 700 courses worldwide and for 30 years. The school is geared toward those who are serious about their caddie careers and want to study at one of the top schools in Europe and perhaps the world. People who go through the program find themselves starting their careers a foot past other caddies who never gained such helpful skills and knowledge.

The Glenn Turner Pro Caddie School

Fairways House

St Helens Road

Rainford, WA11 7PY

+44 07764157660

Caddie Apprenticeship

Being a golf caddie has challenges, which is why people should choose a school that sympathises with the hardships associated with the position. The Caddie Apprenticeship School was founded by the Professional Caddies Association Foundation (PCA), which has trained over 9,000 caddies. The program is divided into three parts and can include membership to the PCA. The first part of the program is the apprenticeship, which includes self-study on topics such as health and nutrition, forecaddying, and rules of golf. The second part gives students certification with the completion of 50 loops, an exam, a paper, and a biography/resume. The final part is the PCA Worldwide Master Caddie Program, which helps students become professionals.

Caddie Apprenticeship School

23 Malacompra Road

Palm Coast FL 32137


Oakland Hills Country Club

Registration to go through this caddie training program is on a first come, first serve basis. The requirements for the program include being over 14 years old and having golf experience. Students also must be able to lift a 30-pound bag for four and a half hours, which is an important duty of the caddie position. Going through a caddie training program at a local country club provides the benefit of possibly having employment upon the completion of the program. Adhering to their code of conduct during the training program may impress the staff.

Oakland Hills Country Club

3951 West Maple Road

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301-3221