How to train for small engine repair

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Several options exist for small engine repair training, a field covering lawnmowers, boat outboards and generator engines. Hands-on training is required to master small engine repair, and this type of training is offered at several institutes around the nation.

If you want a career in this field, a complete training program gives you a wide enough base of knowledge for employment at a small engine repair shop.

Decide on which type of small engine you are interested in learning about. Schools offer specialised programs in outboard engine repair, motorcycle engine repair and general small engine repair. Choose the program the best suits your career goals.

Apply to a small engine repair school that has the classes you wish to take. There are several to choose from, including Penn Foster, which has locations around the country, and many local community colleges and vocational schools in your area. Check your local community colleges or vocational schools for degree programs and courses.

Attend your selected school to learn small engine repair. Complete your program and then apply for work at a small engine repair company or a company that services one of the particular types of engines you are interested in. For instance, outboard engine mechanics apply to boat dealers or a marina that offers repair services.

Continue to enhance your skills on the job by taking additional courses at your vocational college or community college. In addition, there are several video courses for mastering repair skills like the Lawnmower Man's Educational Courses. These videos provide visual instruction in repairing several common lawnmower engines.