King Cobra S9 Irons Specifications

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Cobra Golf was founded in 1973 by Thomas Crow, a former amateur golf champion of Australian descent. Since then, Cobra golf clubs have been adopted by a variety of golf professionals, winning various tournaments using their clubs. The King Cobra S9 set of irons gives golfers the tools to conquer fairways, roughs, sand traps and other challenges.

Three to Five Iron

The King Cobra S9 series of irons has a three iron that is 39 inches long with an offset of 0.287 inches, a loft of 20 degrees and a lie of 61 degrees. The four iron is 38.50 inches in length with a loft of 22.5 degrees, a lie of 61.5 degrees and a 0.279-inch offset. The five iron is 38 inches in length with a 0.248-inch offset, a loft of 25.5 degrees and a lie of 62 degrees.

Six to Nine Iron

King Cobra S9 six irons are 37.50 inches long with a loft of 28.5 degrees, a lie of 62.5 degrees and a 0.227-inch offset. The seven iron is 37 inches long with an offset of 0.188 of an inch, a loft of 32.5 degrees and a lie of 63 degrees. Eight irons are 36.50 inches in length with a loft of 36 degrees, a lie of 63.5 degrees and a 0.147-inch offset. The nine iron is 36 inches in length with a 0.122-inch offset, a loft of 40 degrees and a lie of 64 degrees.


All King Cobra S9 wedges have a lie angle of 64.5 degrees. The offset for sand, gap and lob wedges is 0.06 of an inch, while the pitching wedge has a 0.08-inch offset. The lob and sand wedge are 35.25 inches long, the pitching wedge is 35.75 inches long and the gap wedge is 35.50 inches long. S9 pitching wedges have a loft of 44 degrees, the sand wedge has a loft of 54 degrees, the gap wedge has a 49-degree loft and lob wedges have a loft of 59 degrees.


King Cobra S9 clubs have shafts made of graphite or steel, and the grip consists of Golf Pride tour velvet 50D. The head is composed of stainless steel with polymer topline, featuring a back cavity plate that dampens vibration and a sole insert made of urethane. This head is a low-profile, wide-sole design that provides golfers with increased launch, shot distance and forgiveness.

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