Facts about Wellingborough UK

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Wellingborough is a centuries-old market town in the English midlands that boasts a rich and varied history. The town has faced challenges in the past and is set to face further challenges because of planned growth in the region. One of its former residents famously interviewed the only US president ever to have resigned.


The Northamptonshire market town and borough of Wellingborough covers an area of just over 100 square miles. Situated to the north of the river Nene, Wellingborough is in the Milton Keynes and south Midlands growth area. This makes it part of a conurbation targeted for rapid development in terms of housing and other infrastructure. Less than an hour by train from London, Wellingborough has many residents who commute to the capital.


Wellingborough has a strong Anglo-Saxon history. One of the few Anglo-Saxon helmets ever discovered in Britain was found nearby. A market charter was accorded to the town early in the 13th century. During the Civil War, the town’s Royalist leanings cost it dearly when the town was pillaged. Wellingborough's strong association with the footwear industry began with the opening of its first shoe factory in the middle of the 19th century.

Activities in Wellingborough

If you want to play golf, you’ll find Wellingborough golf course to the north of the town, off Kettering Road. The town enjoys several parks including Croyland, Hatton and Eastfield. You could join the Wellingborough Ramblers, which has been promoting the joys of walking since 1991. Wellingborough Churches Together is a group of Christian churches that work in unison to provide worship and social activities. You can watch and play hockey, rugby or football via the town's clubs.

Famous residents

Sir David Frost OBE -- whose famous interview with US President Richard Nixon led to a 2008 film -- is a former resident of the town. The town used to have its own zoo in Croyland Gardens, but this closed in 1970. The town's museum is in a public baths -- Dulley's Baths -- although it was previously rebuilt as a shoe factory. Possibly the most amazing thing about Wellingborough, a town of considerable charm, is that all parking is free.

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