Harley-Davidson Mechanic Training

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Harley-Davidson mechanic training is offered at various public and private technical training institutions. According to Harley-Davidson.com, Harley-Davidson dealerships require technical training to be hired as a mechanic.

Some schools that offer the technical training are Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix and Orlando, Florida, (offers a complete education aligned with Harley-Davidson University), Fort Scott Community College in Kansas, Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina and Lake Washington Technical College in Washington.

Training Time Frame

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At Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, you will start with a 30-week training that focuses on service, repair and maintenance of motorcycles. After the 30 weeks you then move on to Harley-Davidson Technology. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute offers an early and/or late model Harley-Davidson program. You will also become certified through online courses with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Fort Scott Community College offers a two-year program eligible to graduate with a Associate of Applied Science degree in motorcycle service technology. Central Carolina Community College offers a diploma and a certification course. The diploma course is a total of 46 credit hours and the certification course is a total of 12 credit hours. Lake Washington Technical College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree that consists of 113 credits in six quarters.

Specialised Training

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Harley-Davidson specialised training includes Electrical Diagnostics, Crash Estimating, Chassis Service, Screamin Eagle, Buell, V-Rod, Big Twin Power-train, Vehicle Maintenance and the Harley-Davidson 45-inch engine.


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Becoming a Harley-Davidson Technician opens the door to many different job opportunities. You can work in a Harley-Davidson dealership, V-twin custom shop, Harley-Davidson Race Team, a shop that restores older Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or go into business for yourself.


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One misconception about someone who works on motorcycles is that he is covered in grease and works in a dungeon-like garage. Harley-Davidson no longer uses the title "mechanic," instead referring to Harley-Davidson technicians. The days of smelly dirty garages are over. Now the technicians work in state-of-the-art facilities that house the best tools and machinery available.

Take it Seriously

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Remember that you are about to enter a career that places peoples lives in your hands daily. Becoming a certified motorcycle technician is not something you do for fun. This is a very technical and serious career that should never be taken lightly. Harley-Davidson is the most well-known motorcycle in the world, and Harley-Davidson owners expect expertise.