Medieval craft activities for kids

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Medieval times provide a rich playground for children's imaginations. Ripe with knights, princesses and castles, boys and girls alike are drawn to this period of history. Medieval craft activities are a sure hit with most kids, as they insert themselves into a time long ago.

For the Princess Crowd

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Crowns, tiaras and princess hats are popular and easy to construct. Many craft stores and even discount department stores carry affordable foam shapes of crowns and tiaras that are ripe for decorating. If you opt not to go the foam route, it is also fairly simple to craft a crown shape out of a piece of cardboard. Help your child cut the shape out and then cover it in aluminium foil for an instant crown. For those hoping for a princess hat instead, a construction paper can be fashioned into a cone shape and taped into a perfect princess cap.

Swords and Shields

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Your brave knight will want a sword and shield to slay dragons and other baddies with. Cardboard can easily be cut into the shape of a shield and covered in aluminium foil to form a simple shield. With a little more imagination, your favourite knight can use construction paper to design his family crest, which can be glued on top of the foil. Empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes are easy to fashion into swords and daggers, to make sure that your brave knight will be sufficiently armed to take on any imaginary foe he encounters.

For even more fun, turn an old pillow case into a nifty new knight's tabard by cutting out a hole for his head, and hole for his arms and then setting him loose with some fabric markers.

A Castle for Their Kingdom

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A visit to your local appliance store can yield the perfect box to create a palace worthy of even the most royal subjects. With a little time and a lot of imagination, you and your children can construct the castle of their dreams out of a refrigerator box. Make sure you handle all of the cutting and leave the decorating to the kids. Add fun details like a draw bridge, and your kids' imaginations will be in high gear in no time at all.