Rainforest games for kids

new zealand rainforest image by Spencer Stoner from Fotolia.com

As part of early childhood curriculum, kids around the country learn about rainforests: the types of animals that live in them, weather patterns and everything that else makes a rainforest habitat different from others.

To help children learn about them or to build on the curiosity of young ones, try games that focus solely on the rainforest and are educational in nature.

Rainforest Card Games

For children age 6 and up, this game includes 48 cards that have pictures of the rainforest that can be played by two or more children in a variation of four different games. This game also builds upon counting and matching skills. It comes with a poster, dice and stickers as well.

Enchanted Rainforest Treasure Hunt Board Game

Designed by popular toy maker Ravensburger, this board game is for children 6 to 12. Children will go on a treasure hunt for the king, peeking under trees to see what treasure is hidden there, on their way to the castle.

Pop Up Games Rainforest Safari Game

This game is designed for children age 4 and up. It is an interactive board game that, when unfolded, has parts that stand up on the board. Preschool teachers can use this game in conjunction with a rainforest teaching unit in their curriculum.