Handmade Knit Headcovers for Golf Clubs

Golf Walk image by Kathy D from Fotolia.com

Knit golf club head covers are currently very popular among golfers. These head covers are very traditional looking and offer protection from the bumps and nicks that so often occur to unprotected golf clubs. These head covers range from plain to very exquisite. The three most popular brands of knit head covers are Jan Craig, Rocket Tour and Kewl Tubes.

Jan Craig

Jan Craig knit head covers are one of the most popular brand of knit head covers on the PGA Tour. Jan Craig began making head covers in the 1960s when she could not find a set that she liked at a local golf retail shop. As word spread about her high quality head covers, PGA Tour player Jack Nicklaus, newly minted on the tour, ordered a pair from her. Her head covers received high visibility from Nicklaus' fans and her business grew quickly. Golfers can order head covers from the Jan Craig website and can even custom design them on the website according to their preferences. Prices range from £22 to £34 per head cover.

Rocket Tour

Rocket Tour head covers are also very popular with golf professionals and amateurs alike. The Rocket Tour head cover is a noticeable head cover due to its Rocket Tour embroidered logo on the product. Golfers can purchase Rocket Tour head covers in a variety of colours and designs. The Skinny Stick is one of Rocket Tour's most popular models. The Skinny Stick is designed for the small head of a hybrid golf club. Rocket Tour head covers are £18 each and can be purchased on their website.

Kewl Tubes

Kewl Tubes knit head covers are very popular with PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professionals. The Kewl Tubes website states that Kewl Tubes head covers were "Voted the No. 1 choice of easy-on, easy-off, head covers by PGA and LPGA professionals and golfers worldwide." Golfers can purchase their head covers online from the Kewl Tubes website and can custom design them to their preferences. Prices for Kewl Tubes knit head covers range from £14 to £22 for each head cover.

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