Ideas for lighting in a no natural light hallway

dark hall image by CraterValley Photo from

Finding a solution for a dark hallway located away from any natural light is not just about the right lighting; wall colours and other design elements help to illuminate. Create a lighter, more appealing hallway by painting the walls with light-reflecting colour, such as bright cream, apple green, or cornflower blue.

Also, add mirrors and a light-coloured rug to streamline the hallway to bring a natural brightness during the day.

Uplighter and Downlight

A combination of uplighters and downlights can help brighten a dark hallway. Use them together, or else you might end up with unbalanced light. Downlights draw focus to the floors, while uplighters draw focus to the ceilings. The combination of the two can create a spacious feeling. You can use either lamps or attached light fixtures for both the uplighters and downlights.

Light Fixtures

Find a large light fixture, such as a chandelier, to bring light to the hallway space. Chandeliers naturally reflect light. You can purchase a crystal chandelier or a plastic imitation to save money.

Create Focus

Light up the hallway and make it appealing with a hanging focus item. Draw focus to the middle of the hallway by hanging a picture or art piece in the middle of the wall. Pair it with a light source that is set up to cast light onto the focus item specifically, either from the top, bottom or both sides of the focus piece. This lighting method immediately brightens up the hallway and takes attention away from the darkness.