The Rustic Log Cabin Paint Color Ideas

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Some people feel that the interior of a rustic log cabin needs no extra decor or colour. On the other hand, some find the continuous colour and pattern of wood to be a tad monotonous. Painting the inside of your rustic log cabin is a suitable way to showcase the warm, golden colours by contrasting them with other tones.

Bright Colors

Some log cabins, especially those made with dark wood and only a few small windows, can seem dark and dreary on the inside. An obvious way to brighten the inside is by having lots of light, and another way is by painting the interior bright colours. Colors like warm white, oatmeal, mint green, sunshine yellow or light shades of tan or gold, can go a long way in giving the inside of a log cabin a real lift. These colours are also still very pastel and natural looking enough that they go well with the rustic interior.

Rich Panels

Rich panels of colour are appropriate for the log cabin that already has adequate light and you simply want to break up the slight monotony of wood walls everywhere. Hang up a few panels of drywall and paint the walls solid colours that are already focal in your decorating scheme. For example, rich colours such as evergreen, burgundy or navy look striking in a rustic log cabin. However, because you're just using panels of colour, there's no danger in the richness of these colours darkening the interior of the cabin.

Wall Art

Paint acrylic wall art on large canvases and hang them on the walls of your cabin without frames for a rustic, unfinished appearance. It's OK if you don't have any artistic ability, just apply strokes of colour for an abstract look. The paintings will give your cabin splashes of colour and brighten the interior. If your cabin lacks a natural view and you have some artistic ability, you can always paint a scenic landscape to display in your home.

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