Bathroom color scheme ideas

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Colour-scheme ideas for a bathroom are potentially endless. Redesigning or simply painting a bathroom is an investment that can potentially help or harm your home value. Consider the longevity of the colour scheme before committing yourself and your bathroom to a new colour palette.

Black and White

To get a crisp, black and white contrast in your bathroom, find inspiration in black and white checkered tile. Use black and white tile or wallpaper on the walls. Include matching curtains and matching towels. Incorporate solid black lines in a mirror border. For further contrast, add solid black bathroom rugs and white towels. For a pop of colour, add a few red accessories.

Stone Colors

Stone bathrooms give the impression of wealth and power. Bring in neutral, natural colours with stone tiles on the walls, tub, shower and floor. Put in marble counter tops and a marble sink to match the stone work. Bring out the earthy tones of the stone tile with wood cabinetry and ceramic accessories.

Blue, White and Yellow

A blue, white and yellow colour scheme is a bright palette for any bathroom. This colour scheme brings warmth and vibrancy to your bathroom. Paint the ceiling, cabinets, floors and fixtures white. Add a touch of ocean blue through wall art, and consider nautical or marine-life accents. Use a rug with blue or yellow hues, and hang yellow towels to create a refreshing colour combination.

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