Decorated Shoe Boxes for Kids

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Looking at an old shoebox, it may be hard to imagine its potential. However, with a bit of creativity and imagination, shoe boxes can be reused and decorated for kids. The projects can be completed by the children themselves, or made by an adult and given as a fun gift. With a variety of uses, kids are sure to enjoy their decorated shoeboxes and you can be proud of saving a seeming piece of garbage from the landfill.

Découpage Jewelry Box

Most little girls would love a pretty jewellery box to keep their prized necklaces and bracelets. A shoebox can be decorated and turned into a perfect storage spot using the découpage technique of gluing cutouts and coating the results with a special varnish or glue. You'll need découpage glue, paint brushes, and coloured papers, photographs or magazine cutouts.

Pick a theme for the box. Does the little girl love animals? Consider using animal pictures. Other options include family photographs and colourful patterns with paper. Apply a coat of découpage glue on the box surfaces and add the pictures, paper, or photos. It's OK to let them overlap. Once the glue is dry, apply another coat of glue over the top, or several coats for a shiny finish. If you're feeling extra ambitious, coat the inside of the box with the pictures as well. Once everything is in place and dry, it makes a great jewellery box for a kid.


For a fun project for kids, have them decorate a shoebox as a mailbox. Cover the box in white paper and cut a slit in the top. Write "Mail" on either side of the box and then decorate it with any method you choose. For an added touch, make a flag and attach with a brad so it can move up and down like a real letter box flag. The kids can keep these decorative mailboxes in their rooms. Start a tradition of leaving sweet, encouraging or funny notes for your child. Chances are he''ll love checking his shoe box-mailbox to see what awaits him inside.

Decorated Shoe Storage

Perhaps you have a child involved in many sports or dancing. She may have a large shoe collection. If you're looking for an idea for how to store the collection, consider keeping the boxes they came in and decorating them. The shoes can go back into the boxes and be stacked neatly in the closet. To make identification easy, photograph the pair of shoes and glue the photo on the front side of the box, where it will be visible in the closet. Decorate the rest of the box in any way you or your child chooses. She'll likely have great fun coming up with ideas for the different boxes. Decorating ideas are endless: Consider using stickers, glitter, foam cutouts, photographs or paint.

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