The best colors for the bathroom

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Bathrooms should never be just plain white because it actually makes the bathroom walls look unfinished, said Donna Schroeder, a colour design specialist with Dutch Boy, in an HGTV article. Even if the bathroom is just a small washroom, it should have the colours that make you feel good while in that room.

Bring in colours to brighten up your bathroom, whether it is in paint or accessories.

The Best Warm Autumn Colors

If your bathroom has all-white porcelain fixtures, then the sky is the limit on the colour choices you have. A light, burnt orange colour on the walls and the ceiling lets you bring in rich browns and beiges for your towels and accessories. Splashes of yellow also go well throughout this colour scheme. Your bathroom will display the same warm colour of sunshine and the cool colours of fall. These are the best colours to depict autumn.

The Best Tuscan Colors

If your fixtures are white, gold or green, then go with Tuscany style. The best way to convey a Tuscan-coloured bathroom is to use olive green and gold. A hint of olive green on the walls will allow you to bring in different shades of green for accessories. Make sure you stay within the colour hues of the olive greens. Use the paint cards from the paint store that provide you with the greens that go with your colour. Olive green and hunter green will clash. Go with light gold or a darker mustard gold for the accessories and towels. Throw rugs may have olive green, gold and brown in them to round off the colour scheme just right.

The Best Nautical Colors

The cooler colours of blue are found in the sky and in the water, so what better colours than these to use in a bathroom? Pick a blue and stay within its coordinating hues. For a nautical theme with white or blue fixtures, the best colours to use are what you see at the beach. Sandy beige, the greens and golds of sea grass, along with a touch of grey from the pending storm clouds all provide you with a great colour palette with which to work. If you want to really display brilliant colours, then use the vibrant colours found among tropical fish. Staying within this theme allows you to coordinate colours that are sometimes hard to achieve without clashing.