Good Haunted Walk Ideas

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A haunted walk is an ideal way to thrill people with spooks around the Halloween season.

If you're a Halloween fanatic and you're looking to create a haunted walk to entertain trick-or-treaters and guests, or if you're thinking about organising a public haunted walk, get participants' blood pumping with some creepy ideas that are sure to get a few jumps and screams.

Deserted Group

This idea is sure to scare your unsuspecting Halloween walk participants. Explain to a group that you are going to guide them through a haunted trail and that they are to stay close, as there is no telling what can happen. Carefully walk the group to a dark predetermined location, using only a flashlight to illuminate the way. Once you reach the predetermined point, turn off the flashlight and pretend the batteries died. At the point that the light goes off, characters acting as zombies hiding in the woods can begin moaning. Look back at the group and tell them you're out of there and run away, leaving the terrified group to the zombie actors.

Ghost Spook

Use ghosts to give participants a startling spook. Arrange a collection of fake ghosts made out of sheets along a hallway or at a spot along the path. Have a person or two dressed up as ghosts hide among the collection of ghosts. Shine a black light on the ghosts to add a creepy effect on the display. As the guests walk past, the ghosts can slowly step out and follow them, or shout "BOO!" when they least expect it.

Chainsaw Butcher

This idea may not be for those with a weak stomach. Create an area of your haunted walk that resembles a slaughterhouse, complete with blood splatters, fake animal parts and fake human limbs scattered about. As participants pass through the section of the haunted walk, have a person dressed as a butcher-gone-mad and carrying a chainsaw (with the blade removed) run around the group.

Coffin Jump

Design a section of your haunted walk to resemble a cemetery, complete with gravestones, a fog machine and creepy music playing in the background. Lay some coffins on the ground, or stand some up and place fake hands in them so they look as if they are trying to push open the coffins open. Have a person standing in one of the coffins and as people walk past, the person can push it open and jump out.