Mother-son day activities Images

Mothers and their children share a special bond that is hard to replicate in other relationships. This bond can be strengthened by spending special time together. A mother-son day is a way to help develop and strengthen a bond between a mother and her boy.

Consider some fun and meaningful activities for the special day, such as an organised event hosted by a church or other group. This day could be as simple as quiet time for a mother and son to spend time alone.

Preschool Activities

A mother and her preschool son can share some special crafts and games for a mother-son day. Set up a craft table where mothers and their boys can share in creative activities. A fun craft for a mother and son is to create hand puppets in their own likeness. Provide paper bags, yarn, google eyes, felt, fabric scraps and other craft materials so they can create puppets that look a mother and her son. Let the mom and son interact with their puppets.

Another fun preschool activity for a mother and son is a game of "Keep It Up." Inflate a round balloon and write the mother's and son's names on the balloon. Have the mothers stand in one line and the sons in another line facing the mothers. Then have the moms toss the balloon over to the sons. The pair should try to keep their own balloons up. The team that keeps their balloon from touching the ground the longest is the winner.

Grade School Activities

Consider creating a scavenger hunt together and then setting out to find the objects on the list. For instance, a mother and son can generate a list of items to find such as a blue pencil, a sock with a hole in it, the word "important" in a book or a wild flower. After the list is completed, the pair can set out to find the objects on the list.

Grade school boys will also enjoying celebrating "opposite day" with their mothers. Start the day by eating a dessert -- fruit and whipped cream, for instance. If it's summertime, a mother and son can take a trip to the mountains to stick their feet in the snow. During winter months, turn up the heat and put on some tropical music for some summer-inspired fun. Eat breakfast foods for dinner and read the last chapter of a book together before going to bed.

Teen Activities

Consider making a movie together. Write a screenplay, gather costumes and props and create a short movie. Use a tripod for scenes that require both parties to be in the shot. Then watch the movie and eat popcorn and snacks.

Have a dance party in the living room. Clear away the furniture to create a dance floor. The mother will have fun teaching her son some dance moves from when she was his age while they dance to her favourite music. The teen will enjoy sharing his music and favourite dance moves with his mother.

Adult Activities

Record the family's history together. Pull out old photos and movies and have a day of reminiscing. Then pull out a notebook and write down favourite memories and cute stories about the family.

Another activity for a mother and son is preparing a meal together. Choose a country of interest and research recipes for that area. Go on a grocery shopping trip together. Cook the meal together and then eat it together while listening to music from the chosen country (available at the library).