Simple Jewelry Making Ideas

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Many people wear jewellery to accent their garments and commemorate special events, such as a wedding or birth. A piece of jewellery made of a high-carat precious metal with real diamonds or gemstones can cost several thousand dollars.

However, you don't need those items or that amount of money to have decent looking jewellery. You can create beautiful jewellery with a few tools, household items and some easy-to-learn jewellery making skills.


You can make a simple, personalised necklace. All you need is a foot-long piece of cord or thread and some items to attach to it. The threading material can be elastic beading cord, beading thread, wire or plastic cord. Any one of these items can be found in your home or purchased at a hobby store for very little money (less than £6 will buy enough for several necklaces). Then, you need items you can thread onto your cord. Items such as plastic, clay or glass beads or real or faux gemstones. Use as many beads as will fit. Tie the ends of the cord or thread together or use purchased jewellery clasps and you have a new necklace.


Purchase some polymer clay from a hobby store and use it to make a circle large enough to fit your finger. When it dries, you have a ring. You can also purchase plastic or metal ring settings and bases, as well as inexpensive stones and artificial gems from craft stores. You can use these to make a very simple ring by placing the gems inside of the settings, which will hold the gems securely. You can also personalise the ring by using small items that have some significance to you.


Bracelets are another type of jewellery item that can be simple to make. For bracelets, you can use a jewellery chain purchased from a craft store. Thread items on to the jewellery chain. The items can include beads, stones, gems and small metal items. Homemade jewellery also allows you to repurpose items that you might normally throw away, such as beads and charms from old or broken jewellery.


You can even make earrings with simple items. Jewellery-ready gems and beads are ideal for earrings but you can also use almost any small plastic or metal object. Along with these items, you will need to purchase earwires or earstuds from a hobby or craft store. These items are sterile and will reduce the chances of an ear infection or another problem. Place your gems, beads or other small items on the earwires or attach them to the earstuds and your earrings are complete.