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Weird things to collect on a scavenger hunt

Updated April 17, 2017

A scavenger hunt is an ideal party game and entertaining way to spend the day with a large group of friends. With unlimited things to collect, you can unleash your imagination and create a themed scavenger hunt list filled with weird and unusual items related to a certain theme. Gather a large group of friends and family, divide them into teams and send them out on a quest to find the array of things on your scavenger hunt list.

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Charity Scavenger Hunt

Host a charity scavenger hunt and have participants collect items for charity. Create a quirky list of practical items that you can donate to charity once the scavenger hunt is over. The list may include a can of dog food, a green polo shirt, a pack of toilet paper, a sewing kit, a bottle of carrot baby food, a new teddy bear or an alarm clock. Make the task difficult by not allowing participants to buy any items or by limiting the amount of money they can spend.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt list based on weird things you can find in nature. Include items that you'll find in various natural environments, like forests, beaches and parks. The list may include a twig shaped like the letter "Y," a heart-shaped rock, a green and red leaf, a handful of sand, an oyster shell, a four-leaf clover, seven dandelions or a sprig of holly. Emphasise shapes and colours in your list.

Pop Culture Scavenger Hunt

Host a scavenger hunt inspired by pop culture. On your list, include items related to your favourite movies, music and television shows. For example, you may include a pair of round glasses like Harry Potter's, a pink frosted doughnut like the ones Homer Simpson eats, a yellow submarine toy to represent the Beatles song or a friendship bracelet to symbolise the TV show "Friends." Think of literal and metaphorical interpretations of pop culture icons when creating items for your list.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Hold an alphabet scavenger hunt using a list of items starting with each letter of the alphabet. A sample list may include apple pie filling, a brick, candyfloss, a doorknob, an egg beater, face paint, a graduation cap, a hair net, an ink pad, jelly beans, a knitting needle, a lampshade, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, a nail, an oatmeal cookie, a penny from 1979, a queen of hearts playing card, a red pencil, a stamp, a tea bag, an umbrella that's broken, a vampire cape, a world map, an X-acto knife, yellow yarn and a zip-lock bag. Use this list or create your own.

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