Easy-to-make homemade valentine's day gifts for men

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Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to showing others how much you love them. Let him know how much you care this year by giving the special man in your life a homemade present. With an easy-to-make homemade gift, you can give him a unique present that will be sure to warm his heart.

Chocolate Bar Bouquet

Every guy loves candy. Rather than handing him a heart-shaped box of chocolates stuffed with mysterious fillings, treat him to a chocolate bar bouquet made up of his favourite sweets. Stick a piece of floral foam in the bottom of a small plastic bucket. Pick out a variety of his favourite candy bars. Tape the sweets to a long stick, then place the end of the stick in the foam to keep the candy bars upright. A handful of decorative shredded paper will cover the rest of the floral foam and make this arrangement look stunning.


Celebrate your love with a photograph of a special memory. Go through photographs of the two of you and pick one that is especially meaningful, whether it's a candid shot or a wedding portrait. Have the picture enlarged and printed. Then, pick a frame that complements his taste, from a sleek silver frame to a traditional modern one. Stick the photograph in the frame for an easy and meaningful homemade Valentine's gift.

Knit It

Even on the coldest of February nights, keep his hands warm with some homemade knitted mittens. Newer knitters should find a pattern online to help guide them in their mitten making. If using a pattern, be sure to buy the type of yarn called for in the pattern. Head to a craft shop and pick out a colour of yarn that the special man in your life will be sure to love. Knit him some mittens and make his winter a little less frigid.


Satisfy your guy's sweet tooth with a delicious cake or homemade cookies. Make his Valentine's Day special by cooking up his favourite dessert, from devil's food cake to oatmeal raisin cookies. In honour of the romantic holiday, decorate the treat with some festive designs. For instance, use a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped cookies, or top off cupcakes with red and pink sprinkles. While the treats may look feminine, they're sure to taste great.

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