Tips on making hair grey for Halloween

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Halloween is the one time that you get to dress up as whatever you want and eat as much candy as you can. An easy costume is the old man or old lady, because you can find most of the clothes and accessories at home, from friends, or at the local thrift store. However, to successfully pull this costume off, you also need to have grey hair. This can be done a number of ways.

The wig

Speciality party and costume shops sell wigs in all shapes, sizes and colours. Also, most shopping centres and super markets have a seasonal section. During the Autumn months surrounding Halloween, costumes, wigs, accessories and other themed products will be available. Choose a wig that is the right shape and colour for the character you are dressing as.

Grey hairspray

Another way to achieve grey hair is using coloured hairspray. Using a mixture of white and grey will achieve a grey hair look. These can be found at any speciality party or costume shop, or in the seasonal aisles of your local supermarket. If you are spraying your own hair, first style your hair in a way that fits the costume before spraying it. For instance, if you are dressing as an old woman, part your hair down the middle and secure in a bun at the nape of your neck.

Baby powder

Baby powder is an inexpensive way to give hair a white tint, but it might not be effective for naturally lighter shades of hair. If you go with this option, spray your hair with hairspray just before applying the baby powder; this will help your hair hold the powder for a longer period of time. Bring the powder with you in the event a touch up is needed.


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White bleached flour is another cost-effective and convenient way to make hair look grey. Chances are you have this staple in your pantry. Spray hairspray in your hair right before applying, so the flour will adhere to your hair. Also, bring some with you in a baggie in the event that touch-ups are needed. If you don't have a make up brush to apply the flour, use a paint brush of similar size. These can be found in the painting section of your local arts and crafts store.

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