Online support groups for narcissistic abuse

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If you have encountered a narcissist in your life, you may be feeling depressed and like you need to walk on eggshells in their presence.

Mayo Clinic defines Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a disorder where individuals believe they are better or superior to others, have little regard for others' feelings and have a deep need for praise, among 16 symptoms. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, support and counselling may be necessary.

Psychopath and Narcissist Survivors Support Group

The forum hosts an online support group to individuals who have been victims of psychopath and narcissistic abuse. A psychopath, or sociopath, is someone who has no ability to empathise with other people. Some sociopaths are very dangerous individuals, while some merely do not care about the feelings or rights of other people. The forum features an area where Sam Vaknin, who has a doctorate in philosophy, answers questions. Vaknin is admittedly a narcissist and has written extensively on narcissism.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Forum

This forum requires you to register with the website to make posts. There are many people from all over the world that post on the website. Some individuals are victims of narcissistic abuse and some are narcissists. It is important to remember when communicating on any online forum that you must not take certain things to heart, especially when keeping in mind that some posters may be narcissists. The forum provides a good outlet for trying to understand the personality disorder and to learn more about it.

Adults Recovering from Narcissistic Parents

The Adults Recovering from Narcissistic Parents online support group is featured through Yahoo Groups. A request to join the group is required if you wish to participate. Sometimes narcissistic abuse can unfortunately be inflicted upon a child by a parent. This often results in a child with low self-esteem, self-doubt and negative feelings toward oneself. It is not uncommon for children with narcissistic parents to choose love interests who also have narcissistic tendencies; however, they can choose to stop the cycle by forming better habits and learning what a healthy relationship entails.

Web of Narcissism

The Web of Narcissism forums contain a plethora of information regarding narcissism, traits to look for if you think an individual may be a narcissist and how to cope with a narcissist. Information regarding helpful books that a person may want to pick up also can be found on the website. Books such as "Loving the Self-Absorbed" by Nina Brown and "Emotional Vampires" by Albert Bernstein are recommended readings.