How to Post Pics on Chatroulette

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Chatroulette is a free online video sharing community for anyone in the world to connect and meet new people. Connecting with Chatroulette only requires a microphone or webcam to start talking with others from random locations.

Although Chatroulette does not give users the ability to upload pictures themselves onto the website's chat platform, users have the ability to send photo links within the actual chat area of the application to view and share pictures directly.

Open your default Internet browser and visit Chatroulette's official website at

Allow Chatroulette to access your microphone and webcam once prompted before entering the website. Once you choose your webcam and microphone settings, Chatroulette will attempt to connect you with another user on the site.

Begin talking with the other user on Chatroulette by typing or using your webcam and microphone set-up to verify your connection. Once you agree to send a picture on Chatroulette, you will need to use a free photo-uploading service online.

Open a new window in your Internet browser or a new tab by pressing "Ctrl" and "T" simultaneously on your keyboard.

Browse to a free photo-hosting website and locate the "Upload" button to upload the picture you would like to share directly from your hard drive. Once the photo has uploaded online, you will receive various link options.

Copy the image link URL from the uploaded photo host by pressing "Ctrl" and "C" on your keyboard simultaneously or by right-clicking and pressing "Copy" using your computer's mouse while hovering the link code.

Paste the image URL link you copied into the chat conversation window on Chatroulette by pressing "Ctrl" and "V" together or by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting "Paste". The user you are chatting with must click the link to view the photo.