Craft Ideas for Teachers Who Are Leaving

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Teachers have a powerful influence in the lives of children. According to Brigham Young University, there is evidence that the relationship between teacher and child can be more important than any other aspect of the classroom environment.

Whether its retirment, new baby or marriage, saying goodbye to a teacher is difficult for both the children and the teacher. Crafts and activities make the process easier.

Memory Books

Creating books that chart the course of the year can be a great craft idea for both children and teacher. Parents and children work together to create a sheet for each child with memorable activities or quotes; special or funny things the child or teacher says. Ask each child to draw a picture of the teacher or classroom. Include a photograph of each child. Punch holes in the side of each page and thread ribbon through the holes. Teachers can create memory books by taking photographs of each child throughout the year and placing them into inexpensive photo albums to hand out to each child.

Book Gifts

Giving gifts that support reading for both students and teachers are welcome way to say goodbye. Teachers can print out small pictures of each child on card stock and fold the card in half. Adding thin magnets to the bottom of the folded card turns a simple picture into a magnetic bookmark. Children can also write or illustrate a story of their year with the teacher, giving her a memento to treasure for years to come.

Bon Voyage

Often, students and teachers say goodbye at the end of a school year. Celebrate the coming vacation as well as goodbye with vacation-themed crafts. Teachers can give each child an inexpensive beach ball and allow the class to sign each other's toys with permanent marker. Parents can work with the entire class to put the hand prints of each child onto a beach umbrella, or the footprints of each child on a beach towel for the teacher.

Personalised Crafts

Working together, the class can create a keepsake for the teacher to treasure for years to come. Cover a craft apron with the hand print of each child. Label the apron: "Mr. Smith's Helping Hands," substituting the name of the teacher. Purchase an unglazed cookie jar and write, "Thumbody Thinks You're Sweet." Dip each child's thumb in coloured glaze and stamp it on the side of the jar. Write each child's name under the thumb prints in glaze and fire the entire jar.