What colors go with a gray tile bathroom floor?

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Changing the decor and colour scheme for any room involves using baseline colours for the most expensive areas of the room. In a bathroom, choosing neutral or easy to coordinate around flooring options helps make the room open to a variety of decorating colour choices. Grey tile bathroom floors work well in both large and small areas and allow for various complimentary colours to be used throughout.


Blues, from soothing pale blue to rich and regal royal blue, can pair nicely with grey tile floors when done in moderation. Blue is a calming colour, and since it is associated with water, makes for a good choice when selecting colours for a bathroom. To work around grey tile floors, keep the use of blues to a minimum and use for accent areas and pieces. For example, use grey or silver body towels that are hung on silver hooks but use blue towels for fingertip towels and flannels to provide a pop of colour. Use a shower curtain that is striped and contains both grey and blue shades. Additional ways to use blue in the bathroom is to place blue coloured candles on silver dishes, hang a nautical theme picture that uses blue in the piece and consider adding a wall border with blue in it on top of a grey or white wall.


To make a bathroom appear more modern and progressive, use shades of purple such as plum, lilac and deep violet to pair with the grey tile floor. A deep plum rug over top of grey tile will create a nice contrast between the two shades. Use the deep, rich plum colour for either the shower curtain or window treatments as well. use the dark shade sparingly and then supplement with a lighter shade of purple for accent pieces and areas. Light plum towels, lighting fixture shades and even wall paint really will make the room come alive. If using a lot of colour, bring back the grey tile floors presence by having fixtures such as towel racks, toilet paper holders and light switches in silver or nickel colours to match with the grey tile.


Though not all shades of green translate well in to use for bathroom decor, the more muted shades such as sage green work quite well for an area that is meant to help one relax after a hard day. On top of the grey tile, use a darker shade of sage green for the rug. Continue accenting the room with sage green for items such as towels, shower liners and even window curtains or blinds. Continue adding accent and decorative pieces as possible to suit your style, needs and decorating budget.


Grey tile, especially when a lighter shade of grey, matches well with pink. Though best suited for a more feminine bathroom, the contrast between the more muted and neutral grey pairs nicely with the various hues of pink including carnation pink, pale pink and even a rose-pink shade. A pink rug over top of the grey tile works well and a more textured rug adds to the allure. Pink towels, pick candles and pink based wall hangings further pull the colours together. To balance the bathroom, and to avoid making everything except the floor pink, opt for grey or silver shower curtains, window treatments and even face plates for all outlets.

Black and white

With grey being the midline colour associated with both black and white, decorating around a grey tile floor opens the door to creating a bold and modern feel by sticking to black and white for decorating purposes. On top of the grey tile floor, bathmats and throw rugs in solid black or black and white prints match nicely with the grey. To keep the black and white theme going, opt for towels in solid shades of black, white and grey. Add additional accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and tissue box covers in hues such as pewter or brushed nickel to pull the boldness of the black and white together and thus tie in to the grey floor. A simple black and white photograph, framed in a silver, black or white frame provides an easy wall art option as well.

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