Trust in God crafts

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"Trust in God" is an important message for children of all ages. Using crafts and activities is a proven way to teach and remind them of the benefit of always trusting in the Lord. You have many craft ideas to choose from. Consider how much time and resources you can commit. Also, colnfirm which craft or activity is best suited for the age group you are trying to reach.

Toddler -- lion's mask

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You will need a paper plate, scissors, string and crayons. Read the story of Daniel to the children. Discuss how Daniel trusted God and because of that trust and obedience, God sent His angels to protect Daniel while in the lion's den. Now have each child take a paper plate and draw a lions' face with crayons. Have them use brown crayons around the edges to create the lion's mane. Cut two eye holes out and punch two holes on each outer edge. Thread the string through and size it to the child's head.

Ages 7 To 10 -- Trust God necklace

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For this simple craft, you will need some string, yarn or plastic craft string, scissors and some letter beads. You usually can purchase these at a local craft shop. Have each child spell out the words "Trust God" with their beads and slip the beads onto the string. They can use multiple colours of beads to brighten their creation.

Ages 11 To 14 -- God's promise wall hanging

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Get eight 1.2 cm x 27.5 cm f(1/2 x 11 inch) sheet of card stock (blue colour), markers, yarn or ribbon, two craft sticks, glue and blank star stickers. Have each child take stars and write a sentence using one word for each star. For example, they can write out "Trust In God's Promises" or " God Keeps His Promises". Peel the stickers off and place on the blue card stock. Glue the ribbon or yarn in a loop to the top of the card. Once the glue dries, the youth now has a personal "plaque" to take home and hang on their bedroom wall.

Senior School -- Trust God picture frame

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Collect a disposable paper ashtray, glue, paint, marker, ice lolly stick and a photo. Have each teen bring a photo of someone they trust. It can be a family member, friends, pastor or whomever. Paint the ashtrays any colour of your choosing. Allow them to be creative and make any design they like. Have them write "Proverbs 3:5... "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..." along the edge, going around the ashtray. Now they can glue their photo into the centre. Finish by gluing the lolly stick to the back of the frame at an angle so it will act as a stand. Once it is all dry, they can display their photo frame wherever they wish. It will serve as a constant reminder of what trust really is.

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