Types of armchairs

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Armchairs come in a vast array of types. You can find a different style of armchair to match the function and decor in every room of your home. Some armchairs provide a cosy spot to curl up in and read, relax or nap. Armchairs can even accommodate you in the workplace with their hardworking, ergonomic design.

Other genres give you comfortable dining room or conversational living room seating.

Club Armchair for Relaxation

Coming home and sinking into a plush, soft armchair is a blissful reward after a stressful day on the job. A club chair in buttery soft leather or irresistibly comfy microfiber is a perfect choice for relaxation, reading or napping. A variety of features, such as the addition of an extra, luxurious layer of cushioning on the arms and back, make the club chair a popular choice.

Ergonomic Armchair for Work

An armchair that will support your back, legs and arms is important in the workplace, whether at home or another job location. During a typical workday, many hours are spent behind a desk sitting in a chair. Ergonomically designed office chairs are the best type of armchair for work scenarios. These come in a variety of colours, styles and features. Height and seat adjustments accommodate a variety of body types, and the swivel, roller feature provides for easy movement.

Rattan Armchair for Dining

A rattan armchair at the dining table is a comfortable, trendy and design-savvy choice. Woven from natural rattan fibres, this type of armchair is a fun, earth-friendly option for the dining room. Rattan can vary in colour when soaked in natural substances, such as clay. Add a seat cushion in a variety of colour choices and patterns to complement your decor.

Wing-Back Armchair for Conversation

The wingback armchair lends itself to a variety of trendy and traditional styles, colours, fabrics, leathers and embellishments. It is the perfect chair to snuggle up in and enjoy a great after-dinner conversation. A wingback chair envelopes you with "its wings," making it a warm and inviting style of armchair. It is well known for its classic appearance and blends seamlessly with most decor styles.