Cute Pin the Tail Game Ideas

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"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is a party game where one guest is blindfolded, spun around three times and then sent off in the direction of the picture of a donkey. He must attach the tail to the donkey in the correct spot. The person who gets the tail closest to the donkey's backside is the winner. You can play variations of these games that are tailored to different types of parties. This allows the game to coincide with the theme of the party.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

As Easter approaches, thoughts of chocolate eggs, coloured hard-boiled eggs and the Easter bunny start to arrive. If you are hosting an Easter party, or perhaps need an activity to play with your children on Easter, play Pin the Tail on the Easter bunny. You can print out a template online or purchase the game from your local party store. The game is played in the same traditional manner as the other "Pin the tail ..." Games, where the player is blindfolded, spun around three times and pointed in the direction of the picture hanging on the wall. To extend the game, cut out the ears, and have a second round where the children try and pin the ears on the bunny as well.

Pin the Sack on Santa

If you are hosting a Christmas party, then you can help get everyone in the holiday spirit by playing "Pin the Sack on Santa." Print out an image of Santa from the Internet that is at least the size of a standard piece of 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper. If you have a Santa decoration you usually hang in your home, you can use that as well. On construction paper, cut out tear-dropped-shaped sacks that your guests can use to try and pin on Santa. The guest who places the sack closest to the backside of Santa's shoulders is the winner.

Pin the Star on the Partygoer

This game can be played at birthday parties or any party that has not adopted a specific theme. As your guests arrive, ask each to write his name on a piece of poster board. Ask that each guest write his name at about the same size as the previous guest. Then hang the poster board on the wall. Blindfold your contestants and hand them each a star. Each person places a star on the board and the person who has the most stars touching his name is the winner.

Soccer Ball in the Goal

If you are hosting a soccer theme party, you can adjust the game to "Pin the Soccer Ball in the Goal." When drawing or printing your goal, do not make it too large. You do not want too many balls to end up in the goal. You can adjust this game for any goal sport, such as field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse or even basketball.

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