Signs That a Man Disrespects Women

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There are many signs that show a man's disrespect toward women -- from name calling, to ignoring, to physical and mental abuse, to cheating. Women should be aware of the subtle and not so subtle ways a man shows disrespect, because it will eventually undermine and destroy a sense of self. Disrespect in any form is not part of healthy relating.

Subtle Disrespect

The signs of disrespect do not have to start with a slap. If he's rude, crude, finger points, has an angry tone when speaking, stereotypes all women by size, lies and ignores, then these are all signs of disrespect toward women.


Abuse in any form is a serious sign of disrespect to women and can be life threatening. Screaming in public, shoves, slaps, punches or kicks, these are physical signs of abuse. Constant name calling and threats are mental abuse. Jealousy, belittling and intimidation are emotional forms of abuse. All are damaging to women's health and self-esteem.


Internet cheating is the newest form of disrespectful behaviour. When a man chats with multiple women on various sites, gives personal information online to other women, these are all forms of disrespect to women. Cheating in any form is not only disrespectful, it breaks women's hearts.

Do Not Tolerate Disrespect

Disrespect is about his attitude. Women don't have to take it; love and respect who you are first and always. Then disrespectful behaviour from a man will be recognised immediately for what it is and can be stopped.

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