How Do I Gain the Trust of a Capricorn Man?

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Humble, contemplative, well-mannered and hard-working, Capricorn men make ideal partners in relationships. It takes hard work to gain the trust of a Capricorn, but the effort results in a loving, mature relationship.

Time Frame

Don't rush your relationship, or expect that you will gain the trust of a Capricorn male overnight. Capricorn men are cautious, reflective and serious, especially in their youth. Be an attentive listener, and reserve expressing judgment. This will show him that you are a safe, trustworthy confidant, and will encourage him to open up further.


Be discreet at all times. Capricorn males value their privacy, and will go out of their way to respect yours. When a Capricorn male confides in you, don't rush to tell a friend or co-worker, and don't volunteer information about your Capricorn male without his consent.


Some signs naturally sync with Capricorn males. Particularly compatible zodiac signs for Capricorn men are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. All of these signs tend to be focused, thoughtful, and serious at heart. This balances well with Capricorn's pragmatic outlook and pensive nature.


Capricorn men dislike those who are careless, reckless or unstable. Show him that you can be dependable and industrious. Be on time for dates, update him on the projects that you are pursuing, keep any promises or commitments. A Capricorn male will internalise this stability as an expression of trustworthiness, and will be more likely to open up to you.

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