Military themed birthday cake ideas

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When you are baking a birthday cake for someone in the military, consider creating a cake that reflects an aspect of the military or his particular branch. However, these cakes do not have to be restricted to a time when you are honouring a member of the military. Many little boys or children of military members would also likely enjoy a military-themed cake.


Make a cake with a camouflage pattern. Bake a cake that is the size and shape of your choice. Frost the cake with tan, green and black icing. Use a pastry bag to frost the cake and create random shapes with the frosting so that it takes on the look of camouflage. Be careful that you don't place two shapes side by side with the same frosting colour. Use white frosting to pipe a birthday message onto the cake.


People who are close to the military likely have an affinity for a particular branch. Whether your friend or family member has ties to the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, create a cake that features the branch's seal. Bake a round or square cake and use frosting and pastry bags to pipe on a design that resembles the seal.

War Scene

A cake depicting a military war scene is a particularly good option for a child who is intrigued by the military. Bake a cake and frost it so that it looks like a landscape. Use tan frosting for sand, blue frosting for a river and green frosting for land. Make trees out of pretzels topped with green frosting. Place plastic Army men on the top of the cake so that it appears as though a battle is going on. You can also use planes, tanks and other plastic Army items.


People who have ties to the military are known for their strong patriotism. Their job is to protect the United States, so because of that, they often enjoy showing off their allegiance to the country. Consider creating a cake that looks like the American flag. Bake a rectangular cake and frost it with white icing. Use red icing to create the red stripes on the cake and blue icing to create the upper left area where the stars are located. You can also use strawberry slices and blueberries to make the flag design.

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