What Gift Is Best for an 81-Year-Old Man?

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Gifts for an 81-year-old man pose a challenge. You want to get the man something he wants, but the best gifts are dictated by his physical health and needs. Put some thought into the gift and consider the man's daily routines and physical abilities. With some effort, you can come up with a gift that is just the thing your elderly gentlemen has been wanting.

Help Him See

Most 81-year-olds have trouble with their eyes. They have difficulty reading and watching television. Make reading easier with a gift of large print books. Buy them in the book store or request them at your local library. Be sure to get books that follow the man's interests, such as famous military generals or Hollywood icons of the 1930s and 1940s. Another helpful gift for a man who cannot see well is a TV with a larger screen. Go for a flat screen that's at least 50 inches or larger.

Make Him Comfortable

Men who are 81 are often less mobile than they once were, and as a result spend more time sitting and lounging. Make your elderly man as comfortable as possible. If you have the budget, get him a nice, comfortable lounge chair. Be sure that he will be able to get into and out of it. For a smaller budget, go with cosy accessories, such as a robe and slippers, a sweater or a nice throw. Get these items in cashmere for the ultimate in softness and warmth, or go with a high quality micro fleece or cotton.

Feed Him

Elderly men who live alone or in retirement homes will appreciate a home-cooked meal made personally by you. Make one of his favourite dishes and be careful to consider his dietary needs, such as low-sodium foods or foods that he is able to chew. If you cannot be there in person, send mail order food. Some online retailers send fresh homemade chicken soup overnight for a fee. Online gourmet grocery stores are also available to ship a wide variety of foods to recipients in the U.S., including everything from soups to cookies and cakes, and even entire meals.

Do His Chores

It may be difficult for an 81-year-old man to do chores around the house, so give him the gift of your services and promise to walk his dog or clean his house on certain days. Make it official by writing it on a card or a homemade coupon. If you cannot do these jobs, hire a service that can. Send in a housecleaning team once a week or hire a dog walking service. Hire a chef to buy his groceries then cook and freeze his meals. Some restaurants will refer you to chefs who cook and shop for private clients. Expect to pay £39 to £65 per hour for a cleaning team, and up to several hundred dollars per week for a chef and groceries.

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