What colours coordinate with terracotta tile?

Zeljko Radojko/iStock/Getty Images

Terracotta tiles are made of baked clay and are usually found in colours ranging from pinkish to deep maroon. Many contemporary tiles that are marketed as "terracotta" are actually ceramic. While these tiles are perfectly acceptable, they lack the deep hues and textures of real terracotta.

The earthy tones of terracotta blend well with many different colour schemes.

Off-white tones

Neutral tones ranging from white to cream and ivory provide a neutral environment that highlights the beauty of terracotta tiles. Because these light tones don't have a strong presence of their own, they are useful for walls in rooms with dramatic floors or where eye-catching art will be hung. If you are looking for wall paint colours that can create a non-competing background for terracotta floors and wall hangings that share the red tones of terracotta, the off-white spectrum is a good choice.

Tan hues

Tans, browns and ochres are similar in function to off-white tones, but they create a deeper, more private and soothing environment. These earth tones blend well with the depth of terracotta. Earth-tone walls and terracotta floor tiles are appropriate for living rooms and bedrooms. Be careful to test the wall paint on a small area before painting the entire wall. Some paints will give an effect that is darker than expected, making a room feel excessively dark, small and closed in.

Peach colours

You can make activity-filled rooms such as kitchens beautiful with a combination of terracotta tiles and brightly coloured walls. Paints that run in the spectrum from yellow to red can provide eye-catching colours that share a base with terracotta to provide a unified composition. Peach, pumpkin, deep gold and yellow can all blend well in terracotta-floored rooms. Some kitchen renovators choose terracotta tiles for kitchen counters as well, creating a multi-tiered effect of deep red to contrast with the lighter colours of the walls.

Natural wood

Because terracotta is a natural material that exudes a strong earthy tone, it combines well with the rustic look of natural wood trim. Skirting boards made of natural wood create a striking contrast with terracotta because they are juxtaposed directly with the floor. Other room trim, including doors, windows and cove mouldings made out of natural wood will extend the earth tones of terracotta and wood around the entire room.