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From pink hearts to red flowers, Valentine's Day is a commemoration of love and partnership. Having a Valentine's party at church does not mean the party is dull, for there are a variety of wholesome and enjoyable Valentine's games that can be played. Whether you're single looking for a partner or part of a long-term couple, taking part in Valentine's party games at church is a fun way to celebrate the day of love.


Charades is a fun way for a large group to interact and get to know each other. Write well-known scenes from biblical love stories on pieces of paper and place in a large opaque bowl or hat. Divide the group into two teams, with one person not playing in order to be the judge and timekeeper. Have a player from one team take a folded piece of paper out and act it out, with no words, so their team can guess what it is. Set a time limit. When the time is up, switch teams. Continue switching back and forth until everyone has had a turn acting it out. The team that guessed the correct answers the most times wins.

Biblical trivia

For those who enjoy trivia games, doing a biblical-themed trivial game about love is perfect for a Valentine's Day party. Divide the group into two teams and ask questions concerning main couples in the Bible, what God says about love in the Bible and Jesus's teachings concerning love. The group to get the most questions right wins the game.

Bible bingo

Bingo is a favourite with children and adults alike, and Christian bingo is no different. Print out bingo cards (see the References section of this article), or create them yourself on red paper. Candy can be used as bingo chips, from wrapped chocolate hearts to conversation hearts. The first person to spell a complete word on the bingo card wins.

Jesus loves me

A fun and sociable game that can bring out the most competitive churchgoer is finding words within the words "Yes Jesus Loves Me." Allot a time limit for the participants to figure out words from the phrase, and hand out large sheets of red paper in the shape of hearts for them to write down the words. One person or couples can do this. The person or team with the most words wins the game.

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