The best friend's 16th birthday gift idea

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Turning 16 is a very special birthday for girls, which is why the celebration is coined "sweet 16." Finding the perfect gift for your best friend for her special birthday takes thought and consideration. Each girl has unique hobbies and interests, so find a gift that she will treasure for years to come.

Best Friend Necklace

Let other people know that your best friend holds a special place in your heart. Best friend necklaces come with two pendants that friends can share. Each friend wears one half of the charm around her neck to signify a long and lasting friendship. There are different versions of best friend necklaces, such as two halves of a heart, puzzle pieces or yin and yang symbols.

Personalised Key Chain

Now that your best friend is finally old enough to drive, she will need a key chain for her car keys. Find a key chain that matches her style, such as a princess key chain or a sporty key chain. For a sentimental option, engrave a key chain with phrases, such as "best friends forever" or "friendship isn't a big thing -- it's a million little things."


Collect photos, mementos and other tangible memories. Create a scrapbook for your best friend that documents your friendship. Use stickers, stamps, decals and cutouts to decorate the pages of the scrapbook. Stencils and stickers can be used to add funny quotes or inside jokes. Leave blank pages at the end of the scrapbook to fill them with more happy high school memories, such as prom and graduation.

Best Friend Photo Shoot

Commemorate your friend's birthday by arranging a best friends photo shoot. Outdoor settings or studio settings will give you a variety of options. Pick out matching outfits, or outfits that complement each other, beforehand. Inexpensive photo shoots are available at studios in department and big-box stores, such as Sears and Wal-Mart. Before booking a photo shoot, get prices for the photo shoot and the photos so you do not go over your budget.